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Do you want to promote your products nationally and internationally, optimize your time and reduce expenditure? It s easy! Join the Global Biofuels & Biomass trade community!

In today's biofuels business, one of the key challenges is the promotion of biofuel companies nationally and internationally. Thanks to our extensive experiences in biofuels & biomass production, we understand the needs of stakeholders thus we launch this web-based biofuel marketplace. Therefore, biofuel stakeholders can promote their technologies, sell and buy biofuel products, and at the same time, raise awareness to the professional public.

With BiofuelsB2B's up-to-date biofuel market information, the subscribers can access the latest information on the trend of biofuel market (e.g. prices and stocks) The BiofuelsB2B subscribers can also broaden their business contacts with business partners, contractors and experts in the field throughout the international community. By gaining information on buyers' demands and suppliers' offers, the BiofuelsB2B subscriber members will be able to promote their companies and their products to a wider range of local and international clientele.

Becoming a BiofuelsB2B subscriber means :

  • Be part of a worldwide Biomass & Biofuels professional community.
  • Easy access to an online Biomass & Biofuels product catalogue and worldwide professional company profiles
  • A user friendly search engine optimized for product catalogues and premium directory offerings.
  • Bypass the middle men, and negotiating business deals directly with buyers or suppliers.

BiofuelsB2B's vision is to become the trustworthy biofuels & biomass trading online information center to our clients worldwide.

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